ASA Law Group Honored with Reisman Award for Best Growth Story


ASA Law Group, an Oak Brook-based, progressive Workers' Compensation-focused law practice, was recognized as the Best Growth Story at The Reismans, the inaugural program established to recognize Clio customers who demonstrate law firm excellence and innovation. These firms were honored at the Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans and were presented a trophy at a packed house.

"We were absolutely blown away by the amazing ways Clio customers use our platform to better the lives of their employees, clients, and communities," said Jack Newton, CEO and co-founder at Clio. "We're proud to recognize legal professionals who are making a profound impact on the world through their work."

The 2017 international recipients are:

Law Firm Innovation: Dallas-based Vela Wood

Best New Firm: Edinburgh-based Ergo Law

Best Growth Story: Illinois-based ASA Law Group

Community Champions: Louisiana-based The Hite Law Group and the California Innocence Project

Best Growth Story honors a firm that has experienced exceptional gains; ASA Law Group has grown tremendously in staff size, customer base and revenue.

All lawyers and staff at ASA Law Group have the flexibility to work remotely when they need to. They use technology to meet, share documents, collaborate, and more, and for many of them, that’s been a game changer.

“The whole point of being remote is you don’t have to sit in front of your computer from eight to five,” said Shuaib Ahmed, founder and managing attorney at ASA Law Group. “If you have a doctor’s appointment, go to it. If you have a kid’s play that you need to go to at three o’clock, do it. This creates that work-family balance that I was really striving for.”

Named for Clio’s very first customer, Catherine Reisman, an entrepreneurial attorney whose feedback helped shape the software, The Reismans celebrate the legal industry’s game-changers, groundbreakers, and pioneers.

“By recognizing firms of different sizes and at different levels of success, we’re really highlighting the most enterprising and ambitious of our community,” said Newton. “Our customers are on the leading edge of this industry, and we’re proud to honor their hard work.”


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