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The internal culture of our firm is unprecedented. ASA Law Group's ethos of delivering the highest level of service to our clients demands we be experts in our field, continually evolve, and be well rounded individuals with a healthy work life balance. Our attorneys are encouraged to participate in community activities, maintain a healthy lifestyle and become empowered individuals. In turn, our clients benefit from increased productivity from our energized staff and attorneys that are inspired and ready to make positive impacts on your business.

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Our clients deserve more than just a competent attorney, they deserve an attorney who is an advocate of their business inside and out of the courtroom.

Shuaib Ahmed ASA Law Group Owner and President

Shuaib Ahmed

Owner and President

Prior to forming ASA Law Group, LLC, Mr. Ahmed represented clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases wherein he tried cases before the jury, the bench (judge), and at Arbitration. Thereafter, he served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois defending various state departments in workers’ compensation cases. He then spent numerous years engaged in private practice aggressively defending self-insured clients in workers’ compensation cases in his capacity as a Partner.

Mr. Ahmed formed ASA Law Group, LLC, located in Oak Brook, Illinois, with a mission to partner with employers in not only the defense of workers compensation and civil cases, but also as legal consultants in advancing the employer’s overall mission and corporate goals.

Based upon client needs, Mr. Ahmed scaled the firm into California, forming ASA Law Group, Inc., which services employers in the entire state of California in the defense of workers' compensation and civil cases.

Mr. Ahmed has authored numerous articles for the Illinois State Bar Association, the Business Leader and is the author of the book Get a Grip: An Employer’s Manual on How to Get A Grip on a Workers’ Compensation Case before it Spirals Out of Control. Mr. Ahmed is also a faculty member for the Illinois Continuing Legal Education, the Illinois State Bar Association and he actively serves on the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Employment Committee and on the Business Advisory Board for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

Arpie Baghdassarian ASA Law Group Attorney

sarah albrecht

attorney, illinois office

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Arpie Baghdassarian ASA Law Group Attorney

Arpie Baghdassarian

attorney, california office

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Idalis Flores ASA Law Group Office Manager and Legal Assistant

idalis flores

Illinois Office Manager and Legal Assistant

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Idalis Flores ASA Law Group Office Manager and Legal Assistant

Wendy garcia

Legal Assistant, Illinois Office

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Idalis Flores ASA Law Group Office Manager and Legal Assistant

Laura D. Hrubec

attorney, Illinois Office

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Beth Kelly Director of Operations

Kylee jordan

attorney, illinois office

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Beth Kelly Director of Operations

beth kelly

director of operations

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Maureen Kelly Billing Coordinator

maureen kelly

Billing Coordinator

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Monica Kiehl ASA Law Group Attorney

monica kiehl

attorney, illinois office

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Christine Leahy ASA Law Group Legal Assistant

christine Leahy

legal assistant

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Talin Maghakian ASA Law Group Attorney

Talin Maghakian

attorney, california office

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Rory McCann ASA Law Group Attorney

rory mccann

managing attorney, illinois office

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Cairlin Murphy ASA Law Group Office Manager

caitlin murphy

office manager, california office

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Robert Semones Legal Assistant ASA Law Group

Robert Semones

legal assistant, California office

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Alexa Venditti ASA Law Group Attorney

Alexa Venditti

team lead attorney, illinois office

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Kristin Wasieleski ASA Law Group Attorney

Kristen Wasieleski

attorney, illinois office

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Patrick Quinn, Attorney

Vicky Walters

legal assistant, illinois office

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