ASA Law Group Owner & President is a Featured Forbes Books Author


When Shuaib Ahmed, Owner and President of ASA Law Group, migrated from India to America at the age of six, he never imagined that internalizing the sage words and actions of his maternal grandmother, the woman who’d raised him, would help him build a thriving legal empire on two opposite coasts of the United States. In Personal Business, he debunks the myth of work-life balance based on lessons from his personal experiences, instead encouraging a new, revolutionary ideology: humans’ personal and professional lives are intertwined far more profoundly than we give acknowledge, which means our successes or failures in one can affect our achievements in the other.

Through his tried-and-true approach, the ASA Way, Shuaib shares how individuals can embrace this truth to thrive and lead successful, meaningful lives filled with purpose and fulfillment in both aspects.  

This book is a very intimate window into my journey, my successes, and my learning life moments. In addition, how those experiences have shaped the foundation of my high thought leadership, the ASA Way.

The book is now available on all platforms, including ibooks, amazon, kindle, google books, Kobo, and Barnes and noble.

Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.

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