Shuaib Ahmed Talks about Taking Control & Self Empowerment in InnerSelf Magazine


Shuaib Ahmed challenges the traditional belief in a "better tomorrow," emphasizing that waiting for external forces to improve one's life is unproductive and draining, in an article published in InnerSelf Magazine. Ahmed, Owner and President of ASA Law Group and author of Personal Business: Using the ASA Way to Build an Inspired, Purposeful Team (ForbesBooks, April 11, 2023), shares his personal experience of waiting in vain for a miraculous change.

Ahmed offers that the only person who can truly save you is yourself. He encourages people to take control of their dreams, aspirations, and goals, not relying on employers, spouses, or others. Embracing this mindset leads to empowerment, a proactive approach to challenges, and goal setting.

The president of ASA Law Group, Mr. Ahmed practices what he preaches, advocating for continuous feedback rather than waiting for annual reviews, as it allows employees to take control of their progress. He highlights the interconnection between personal and professional lives and how achieving personal goals can boost professional productivity.

Set realistic personal and professional goals, take control of your life, and understand that one's choices today shapes the future. The key to a better tomorrow lies in one's actions and decisions, not external circumstances.

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